Fukko Concert is a series of charity concerts for the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Tohoku region of Japan in 2011.

Together with internationally renowned musicians, the Brussels based Japanese violinist Yuzuko Horigome has performed as the leading figure to raise donation to be used for music-related events and replacement of damaged musical instruments in those devastated regions.

After 8 years since the catastrophe, Fukko Concert has become a symbolical event in Brussels to commemorate the tragedy and our solidarity.


Photos from Fukko Concert 2018 edition

Photos from Fukko Concert 2017 edition

Photos from Fukko Concert 2016 edition


( translation of the sentence on the picture : ” Thank you for the piano“)

This is the result of your support for Fukko Concert.
We support the Piano Donation Organization in Sendai.
Thank you for your warm support, and let’s continue to bring music for them !