10 years of Fukko Concert

Today is the 10 anniversary of the big catastrophe that hit the Great East Japan in 2011.

Every year on that day from Brussels, our heart goes to the people of Tohoku. We believe the recovery through live music. Unfortunately the concert cannot be held this year. Through this music and memories, we would like to share our deepest thoughts in this challenging time. Big Thanks to our dear audience, sponsors, embassies and all the people who made it possible during this 10 years.

遠く離れたベルギーから 毎年3月11日に祈りを捧げてきました。 音楽を通じた復興への祈りです。 東北の皆さんと心を通わせる 3月の大切な演奏会でした。 そこで、 長い10年という年月を 皆様とご一緒に振り返るため ささやかではありますが 復興コンサートの想い出を 分かち合いたいと思います。

The 9th edition of Fukko Concert was possible thanks to all of you!

As musicians who are now struggling in this difficult time with the unexpected situation, we really appreciated your support and attention for 2020’s edition.

In order to bring you sorrow and hope, we decided to share our concert, the Beethoven Violin Concerto.

Some pictures are also shortly coming.
Stay tuned!

Fukko Concert is back for its 8th edition!

Fukko Concert aims to heal through music and art. Every year, since the catastrophe, we organise a concert to support and help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Each year, your support brings concrete solutions to people from Tohoku.


See you on the 9/03/2019 at the Concert Noble in Brussels

fukko concert 2019

This year, we are happy to invite great taiko players and classical musicians!

1st prize Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition

1st prize Busoni Piano Competition

2nd prize Queen Elisabeth Cello Competition

Japanese drums

In partnership with EDIFICIO

Rugby: Namibia-Canada clash in Kamaishi cancelled due to typhoon

 KYODO NEWS – Oct 13, 2019 – 08:46 | SportsRugby2019AllJapanKamaishi

Rugby World Cup organizers said Sunday morning they have canceled a match between Namibia and Canada in Kamaishi, which was scheduled to take place later in the day, due to a powerful typhoon that made landfall in Japan.

The match at Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium in northeastern Japan is the third match to be called off due to Typhoon Hagibis.

The New Zealand-Italy Pool B game, scheduled to be played in Toyota, central Japan, on Saturday, and the Pool C match between England and France in Yokohama, near Tokyo, the same day were canceled earlier in the week.

As for other matches Sunday, a Pool C match between the United States and Tonga at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Osaka Prefecture, and a Pool D match between Wales and Uruguay in Kumamoto will go ahead as scheduled, the organizers said.

Canada and Namibia were coming into their final Pool B match after suffering heavy defeats to New Zealand, South Africa and Italy.

While the match was canceled to ensure the safety of players, fans, volunteers and tournament officials, it came as a disappointment to locals, who had been looking forward to hosting World Cup matches as part of their reconstruction efforts from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster.

The stadium, the only newly built venue at this tournament, stands on the grounds of two schools that were swept away by the tsunami. The disaster claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people in the city.

Kamaishi also staged a Sept. 25 game in which Uruguay defeated Fiji 30-27.