I just visited the area where Would cup Rugby game was supposed to be held

I just visited the area where Would cup Rugby game was supposed to be held,  Kamaishi city Iwate prefecture.

What a sensation for them to welcome world top sports team after the disaster of 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami which destroy for 400 km of coastline at the pacific ocean.

The reality turns out that pinpoint hit by typhoon 19 to Kamaishi city with strongest rain which provoke Yama Tsunami, destroy Moantains and strong wind which blow ships away to the ocean, the match was cancelled…again missing , injured people …

One of them said [Tsunami by ocean we go up, but the the mountain falling, nowhere to go?

After the catastrophe 2011 we had a courage, we fought strongly. But this time our hearts are broken….said a lady. Yet she continues [in order to see the Kid’s future ,we live long till 100years !! War? we have NO time and energy to fight against people .we fight and live together with Nature. That is our  everyday’ s life !]

Nature disaster , people forget , there are unfortunately so many now in the world out of the scale.But the re-construction doesn’t come in a few years. Therefor we continue to support and remember even a one day a year for Tohoku people through the music. That is our aim.

I saw a video of a beautiful chorus to Thank all over the world for their help which was to be sang at the ceremony at the World cup 13/10/2019 at the stadium!

I also visited the memorial park and pavilion [life for future ]constructed and hold by young people . Touching to see them working for their region with smile and hope .one girl said it [I would  like to build a house or school against Tsunami ,I don’t have to go away to study ,just being with them here and watching carefully ,all answers are in .

Therefore we would like to help them to donate our humble contribution from Fukko Concert 2020 from Brussels !